Technical Data

Microwave Dissolution

It is an eco-friendly equipment that melts materials(metals, ceramic) at 2200℃ in maximum with indirect shaft furnace type heating using M/W to increase the quality and decrease the pollutants.

It is an economical equipment that can save the investment in equipment in short processing without complex material processing equipment by minimized material processing and transportation.

Furnace Comparison

  Microwave General
Economic Feasibility

Increased energy efficiency by heating with electronic energy

Too much energy consuming due to direct melting by high frequency or burner method

  • No transportation of melted product and reducing atmosphere for stable quality
  • No difference in temperature that minimized defect

Low quality due to oxidizing atmosphere

  • Melting possible up to 2200℃
  • Vertical furnace that enables continuous production

Arrangement formation production

  • Preventing pollution due to combustion
  • Developing work condition with low workplace temperature increase

Poor work condition due to high workplace temperature increase

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