Technical Data

Funtion of Drying/Heating

New technology- the 5th energy

Features of Microwave drying and heating

Conventional Heating

Heating by conduction, convection current, radiation from external heat source

  • Temperature anomaly between the surface of the substance and inside
  • Heating hair, insulation required


Microwave Heating

Heating by volume heating

  • Rapid, balanced heating and drying(inside and outside)
  • Selective heating and drying of water within the product
  • Drying at low temperature(evaporation at 40℃)
  • Innovative energy-saving effect

Application Features

  • Increased uniformity and transference rate of product quality – low defect
  • Advanced property of matter due to balanced microstructure
  • Shortened processing time and simplified processing
  • Reduced production cost due to innovative energy saving
  • Development of new material/products and expansion of application

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