Applied Fields

Dry heat

New technology – the 5th energy

Application Condition of Microwave Drying and Heating

Application Process Examples Advantages

Agricultural product(peppers, tobacco), food, paddyfield, ceramic, fabric, paint, wood, ginseng, sponge, polystyrene, plaster

  • Low temperature drying (below 40℃)
  • No changes in product property (color)
  • Rapid/efficient drying
  • High energy saving
Sol-Gel processing

Unsaturated polyester(artificial marble), chemical, resin vulcanization, high molecule

  • Low temperature drying, vulcanization
  • No heating for mold
  • Rapid/efficient vulcanization

Rubber (vulcanization, curring)

  • Rapid/efficient processing
  • High energy saving

Ceramic, high molecule

  • Available for complex and various form
  • Rapid/efficient sintering
  • Increased product quality(indirect heating)
  • High energy saving

Shortening ceramic joining processing time and joining various materials

  • Application under examination
  • Electric ceramic (early stage)

Sputtering of materials using MPCVD (diamonds, DLC, CNT)

  • Development of new materials
  • Maximization of vapor feature
  • The largest scale in Korea

Removing harmful gas in incinerator

PM, dioxin, etc.

  • Small equipment structure
  • Highly efficient/functional

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